pastel de pañales con flores

Baby Shower Diaper Cake: Flower Garden

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1. You’ll Need: 100 diapers, a round card board base of approximately 14 inches of diameter, a thick cardboard tube (in this case we used 3 paper towel tubes) 100 small rubber bands, three big rubber bands for each layer of the cake and decorating elements as : ribbons, dolls, bows, etc..

2. Roll each of the diapers and begin to place them around the base.

3. At the end secure them with a large rubber band

4. Start building  the second layer making it a little smaller than the first layer and secured it with rubber band.

5. Mount the third layer and repeat the procedure.

6. Cover the rubber bands with ribbon.

Add different elements of decoration for this cake we used ribbon, 3 fabric flowers in different sizes and a big bow.


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